Thursday, July 02, 2009

The thrill is gone, baby ...

Is it over, already? Man, I don't believe it ... maybe I'm just burned out a little, need to take a break from Twitter. Yeah, there've been a few good links to look up, and some nice, pithy sayings that have been keepers. I've linked up with some interesting people, and had a few Twitterversations. Still, I feel a bit jaded. Not sure why.

Though I'm 'following' nearly 190 persons, it feels as though most of the posts come from a handful; almost certainly, not all 190 are posting, and even among those who are, it feels (that's my impression) as though no more than about 20 are doing so frequently.

I guess it feels like I'm meeting the same ol' folks saying the same ol' kinda things that I expect them to say, given that I'm beginning to discern a pattern for each. It's interesting that one unconsciously begins to construct a certain unique persona for each individual, as a gestalt of all their tweets. The tone, the content, the syntactic structure, the tweeting frequency, and the pattern of tweeting (quick bursts of many tweets, periodic tweeting at fairly regular intervals, or random intervals) as well as the avatar image used, all contribute to the complexion of the persona that emerges from the tweetstream.

Guess I need to follow some more people, although I wonder if I can handle that.

It is a cocktail party. Or maybe it is like one of the long train journeys we used to have when I was a child, which often took up to three days to complete. Along the way, we would befriend fellow passengers, have interesting conversations, share food, assist one another (especially in keeping an eye on kids and belongings) and in general have a great time. And then we'd get off the train and never see or hear from them again. Kinda sad, but one's life was enriched anyway, and it made for a memorable journey, making one eager to embark on another one ere too long.

Yes, Twitter feels a bit like that. You overhear scattered fragments of conversations among strangers and a fair bit of it is fun. There is bustle and noise, and a sense of movement. People stream in and out. Passengers get on and off. There are moments of quietude, and then bursts of activity and sound. Some stuff is funny, other stuff is dreary, a bit of it is boring, and then there is some pretty interesting stuff.

You'll likely never come to know people completely, just the side of them they choose to reveal during the journey.

The thing is, the train keeps going on forever, even if you have to get off at some place. And you know that the train didn't start at the place you got on, it's come from a long way off, been running for a long time, and it's final destination is way beyond where you will disembark. There are a lot of people on board, and you will never get to meet them all; and some you'll never want to meet.

Maybe I need to visit some other compartments (carriages) and wander around in previously unexplored parts of the train.

Yeah, that's what I'll do. Next time. Maybe. My brain's tired from all the listening and tweeting and trying to make sense of it all. Good night.

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