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"You may use your class notes and Feynman"

Great story! Probably apocryphal, but the kind of story I want to believe because I love the man so much.


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Since Caltech has an honor system most exams tend to be take home and open book. The instructor for the class will write any special directions at the top of the exam. For a freshman physics exam one year the instructions read:

You have 3 hours.
You may use your class notes and Feynman.

"Feynman" of course referred the Feynman physics lecture notes which are published in three volumes.

On reading these instructions one particularly alert student grabbed his exam and raced across campus to Richard Feynman's office. He handed the exam to Feynman explaining that the directions clearly indicated he was a valid resource. Feynman glanced over the instructions and agreed. He wrote out the exam in less than half an hour, and got a perfect score!

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