Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why fly? Wi-Fi!

Wi-Fi-in-the-Sky. I can already hear the song playing in my head. Somebody, somewhere is busy composing and recording it even as I type this. Air travelers will finally have relatively low-cost access to the internet -- and I presume, free VOIP, as a consequence -- while flying. At under or nearabout $10 for flights in the US, it's daylight robbery compared to your home internet hookup, but a bargain with respect to the cost of a ticket. No longer will cellphone calls from the air cost a pair of limbs, nor will the traveler need to depend on whatever "news" (crammed with advertising) that the airline chooses to shove down the throat. For business travelers it's going to be no-brainer -- the cost is chickenfeed. And for casual travelers, it isn't too bad either.

This is one more step in the direction of ubiquitous access to the "cloud". And one more crawl towards breaking down barriers of time and space with respect to collaboration and interaction. With just about every person and every 'intelligent' device networked through a rich media, broadband network one can be just about anywhere one wishes to be at any time. The virtual world is inching towards becoming the alternative reality which we will eventually inhabit, -- a reality seemingly more real and more preferred than the one we were born into in the first place.

I beginning to sense that the singularity is near.

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