Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ajay Bhatt: co-inventor of the USB

For a whole lot of people, the term 'design' often conjures up images of cool, hip, trendy PeopleInBlack deconstructing postmodern ideas while sipping designer coffee. Of course, design has at least two different and dominant connotations -- one has to to with aesthetics, thus the trendy people, and the other has to to with pragmatics, typically the domain of geeks and boring people. Well, boring to many, but much that is good and necessary in this world comes from seemingly boring people and activities (although the people themselves can decisively prove that their work is anything but soul-destroying).

In this humorous TV commercial, Intel pokes self-deprecating fun at this uncool, other kind of designer, one of their own: Ajay Bhatt, co-designer of the now ubiquitous USB port found (in some form) in practically every digital device in the world.

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