Tuesday, February 05, 2008

MacBook Air -- or the Airbook, as ah likes to call it

Much has been said and written about the Airbook, much of it negative.  Yeah, it looks really cool and all, light, thin, etc ... but ... it's underpowered, and underconfigured.  All true, but Apple under Steve Jobs has always been about pushing the envelope.  So the Airbook is indeed ahead of its times.  The Airbook is built for a world in which all data into and out of the machine will be wireless, and all data will be stored in the Cloud.  Indeed, practically all applications will be web-based.  So, doesn't this move the Airbook in the direction of a thin-client model?  Maybe.  Maybe Apple wants everyone to have one main server, or a network of various servers, and carry thin clients around in a world that is completely enveloped in a wireless mesh.  So that you can get to your data from just about anywhere.  

So the Airbook is a device from the future.  Maybe that's where all client machines are headed.  

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BruxB said...

Now that the Air has been out a while I'm unimpressed, though I didn't get one myself. Judging from my coworkers experience owning one its just a lighter Macbook, and in the case of the solid state HD somewhat faster to boot up.

If that extra half inch of thinness is important to you great, but I don't see how it would be...