Friday, March 24, 2006

eyePilot: Help for the colorblind

Apparently, one out of 12 men is colorblind (it's lower for women). This is a neat technology. It allows colorblind computer users to filter and modify colors to enable them to use the computer more effectively,especially when messages, buttons and other elements tend to be coded for color. Here's what the website says:

eyePilot is designed as an interactive floating window (Capture Window) that can be layered over any web or browser window on your computer screen. The eyePilot tools then can be put to work.
That's a nice user interface trick -- having a floating window as a visible layer you can place over the screen. Here's how color is used:

Gray: Isolates all instances of a single color by keeping everything that is that color unchanged and graying out all other colors. This makes it very clear which content is represented by a specific color.
weather maps
financial charts
subway maps
cell phone coverage maps

Flash: When any spot of one color is clicked on, this tool flashes as white or black all other instances of that color in the frame.
pie charts
bar charts
weather maps
flow charts

Name: When the name of a color (red, green, orange, etc.) is clicked on in a list, this tool flashes as white or black all instances of that color in the frame.
traffic maps
catalog illustrations
graphic arts

Hue: This tool interactively the rearranges all the colors in the capture frame, allowing you to find a setting where the color information is more easily differentiated.
colored text
complex maps
scatter charts
engineering drawings


Update (March 24, 2006; 07:54 pm): Reader Daniel has reviewed eyePilot here. He finds it to be a good product, but with a couple of bugs that need ironing out. Thanks, Daniel.

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Daniel said...

I just had a closer look at eyePilot too. It looks quite nice and could sometimes be of great help.