Monday, January 23, 2006

Apple iMovie vs. Windows Movie Maker

Being an Apple hound for the past 20 years and all, and with the fulsome praise lavished on Apple's iLife suite, you might expect me to do likewise. Perish the thought. Over the past weekend, I was forced to learn how to create a slide presentation with audio track for a presentation at my son's school. I had to fight iMovie tooth and nail to figure out how to perform what should be a very simple task: adding a title frame. Yes, I read the help files too, the one that comes with the program and several online. There is no easy way to understand how this is done. I spent a lot of time trying to drag all kinds of elements onto my film strip. No dice. I finally figured it out, after many frustrating hours. Windows Movie Maker does this the right way. A novice would have absolutely no problem at all editing a movie or a slide show. A novice to iMovie, however, would leave frustrated. All this assumes that the user does not spend hours at a manual before embarking on this voyage -- which is how it should be. Sure, iMovie includes bling like the "famous Ken Burns" effect which makes stills move and generate the appearance of a movie. But that's just icing on the cake. The cake itself, is hard to eat.

I never thought the day would come when I would actually praise a Windows application and diss the equivalent Apple app; but it has, and how sorry I feel about it all.

I don't want to get started with iDVD yet, but there is steam to be let off on that application too.

I do agree that iPhoto is an excellent application, although Google's free-to-download Picasa does beat it in some areas.