Monday, October 31, 2005

IDEO and frog design

IDEO and frog design are my favorite design houses. They also just happen to have done work for Apple. Hmmm ... I wonder how that sort of thing happens.

IDEO, being the premier (at least in reputation) design house out there, has branched out beyond just designing products: they advise corporations on how to innovate. And God knows that corporations, run by people wearing drab suits and colorful nooses, need to learn a bit about innovation. Take a look again at IDEO's home page: sparse, elegant, focusing on their design process rather than products. That's good design right there. One of the pictures also shows them, if you give it more than a cursory glance, having fun. Design and creativity often involve having fun. "Fun" is used here in a very broad sense, implying deep, complete immersion, allowing the process to take over your being, becoming a part of the mighty flow it generates. Pablo Picasso, while painting his La Guernica was probably very moved and distressed by what happened, but he was "having fun" in the sense that he probably gave himself self up to powerful emotions, and let them lead him forward.

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