Monday, October 31, 2005

Design, innovation, and technology, all in one neat package

Is it possible to have a favorite Mac? Well, until the next favorite happens, my favorite happens to be the "desklamp" or "Luxo Jr." iMac. I love the iMac for a number of reasons. There has never been a computer that looks anything like it, before, or since. This was the second, or maybe third generation iMac. Who could have ever thought of creating a computer by connecting a hemisphere to a rectangle through a gleaming, articulated, pantographic shaft? Besides looking different from anything else, it is very elegant. Furthermore, Luxo Jr. iMac is superb from a Human Factors perspective -- the monitor can be moved vertically several inches and can be tilted along a horizontal as well a vertical axis.

The Luxo Jr. iMac is as perfect a blend of design, innovation, and computer technology as is ever likely to happen. Thanks for leaving your iMac in my care for the year, Marcy. It brightens up my office like nothing on earth. Besides attracting Martians and other aliens.

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